Florals: Where to begin?

We are so excited for our 2017 season. We have such a range of styles, color palettes and arrangements over the year, our brides have really surprised us with such unique and classic tastes! Occasionally we meet with a bride and her fiancé, and they have it down. They know the types of florals they want, the exact style, shape and size of their bouquet. They know their budget and where they want it allocated. But really, most of our brides meet with us and have no clue where to start. Generally speaking, the cost of wedding florals is not known, and most only know one type of flower: peony (who would blame you?). So here’s our ‘where to begin’ floral guide. You’ll find styles, trending tips and more importantly: how to get bang for your buck! (we’re all about that).


(pic: floret flower)

Floral Trends:

Most of 2017 trending florals are what you would expect carrying on from 2016. Think romantic bouquets, blush, white, gold with greenery everywhere and anywhere. Adding silk elongated ribbon adds a romantic touch to any bouquet. Statement entrance ways with overgrown greens are a great focal point for your guests to walk through. Indoors? Think about creating an arch of florals or decorating any entrance point! Hot pink, homegrown and hanging are also things to keep in mind! Bold colors making statements are the opposite of romantic, but a statement trend for spring and summer. Anything homegrown, wild and overgrown will be trending. If you have a church wedding, adding texture that isn’t wild or ‘weedy’ can still boast this look! Rust, deep orange and burgundy are the colors for fall, of course. Pairing these with teal, or blush is a great way to create statement and contrast. Natural is key: in makeup, flowers, decorations. Embrace natural with greenery and flowers on your arch, at the front of the church, on your pews, lining your aisle. Add them to your naked or frosted cake, or even better, put them in your hair! Floral crowns, oversized ones especially, are a go-to when thinking of 2017 trends. If you have an outdoor wedding or a boho streak to you, definitely think about a crown as the cherry on top! If not for you, how cute would they look on your flower girl/s?


Floral Types:

It’s hard to learn all the different names of flowers! If you’re struggling where to start, you’ll find the above useful. Our popular wedding flowers include: peonies, dahlias, varieties of garden roses, ranunculus, anemone and standard roses. You can find different types of flowers on Pinterest, or, if you show or send us a picture of something you love, we can identify it! At your floral appointment, be sure to ask what is in season and what flowers will help you cut costs. We love peonies (who doesn’t?) but their price reflects their beauty, and if you’re on a budget maybe you will have to forgo this beauty. Not to worry, there will be other beautiful alternatives! Keep in mind that you want to have the most lush florals in your bouquet and any points of interest for your photographer. No offense to your girls, but the bridesmaids bouquets are not a big deal. Focus on using the most beautiful blooms in your bouquet, the arch/altar and at the head table. Those are the focal points for photos. Anything extra, your florist can tell you ‘cost cutting’ floral types to add bulk and make things fuller without adding too much cost.


(pic: Martha Stewart Weddings)

Floral Pricing:

This is such a vast topic. There are many opinions on what you should spend on florals, if anything at all! Many brides fail to see the importance of flowers – each to their own. What we know is: your flowers will be in almost every one of your photos. Be it at the altar, arch or whatever you please, in posed photos, at your reception – everywhere! It’s an aspect that requires an investment. Most brides aim to spend 10% of their total budget on florals/decorations. If you’re on a $10,000 budget then $1,000 would be your ideal to spend on bouquets, centerpieces and decorations. $20,000 then $2,000 would be normal. Our average wedding is $1,500. This normally includes bouquets, boutonnieres, arch/altar decoration and small centerpieces (around 25). We try and be budget friendly and work with you on floral choice to keep the cost down. Always be up front with your florist about your budget: it helps them work to create the best they can for you. If you plan to have bouquets, centerpieces and some sort of arch decoration, you really need to expect a figure of $1000 or higher, most likely higher. If you are just wanting bouquets, that’s great, but be sure to ask what your florist can do for centerpieces. Often our brides are surprised that we can do a mason jar/small vase arrangement cheaper than they could with faux flowers or candles. Also, they may have good ideas for cheaper centerpieces or ways to decorate for the smallest cost to you. We offer set-up and delivery in our cost, so it also saves a lot of hassle from your end! We also work with a vendor (actually one of our brides this year!) to offer affordable rental decor/vases etc. It helps keep costs down, and prevents you having to resell everything afterwards. Just ask! There are no dumb questions when it comes to pricing out your florals.

So that’s a starting point from us! If you are yet to book your floral designer for you wedding, get in touch! We only have a few available dates left. We’d love to hear from you.

Callie + Allie

Olive Branch Botany

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